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decorative concrete


There's nothing quite like the beauty and warmth of natural stone. Whether an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, patio, walkway or stone border for your flowerbed, the unique beauty and attraction of stone is sure to draw attention.


Probably the most striking upgrade to existing landscaping is a stone border. Chopped stone and random pattern stones will compliment the brick or stonework on any house, and has a natural, rustic appeal. Adding a top course of brick or contrasting stone gives a nice contrast in both color and texture.


Flagstone adds a warm and inviting look to walkways and patios. It can give your patio a rustic, weathered, classic or old world look. Many color options exist to fit any style and compliment your home. Installation options vary from compacted base to mortared over concrete.


The possibilities are almost endless with pavers! There are many colors and styles available, and they offer flexibility both in application as well as the ability to move with ground shifting. It is even possible to install lighted pavers in place of normal landscape lighting to give your walkway or patio a warm look without clutter or lighting 'hotspots'. The interlocking nature of concrete pavers allows for design and pattern flexibility that is unsurpassed. Utilizing the most current installation methods, many patios can be installed in much shorter times than other applications.

Cultured stone

Cultured stone products have the appearance of stone, but are made from colored cement products. These products work exceptionally well in vertical applications such as stone veneers, wrapping columns, and fireplace makeovers. Colors and styles are available that mimic almost every stone imaginable including field stone, ledge stone, and river rock.

Texas native xeriscape plants

Once the hardscapes are done, it's time to soften things up a bit and add some color! Native plants and xeriscape planting options that will thrive in our north texas hardiness zone offer flexibility of color, and texture. Lower your water bills with drought tolerant plants while also helping your electricity bill with shade and natural screening.


Adding mulch to your landscaping is a very effective way to conserve water and keep those ornamental shrubs, trees and plants from suffering when the temperatures begin to soar. Several colors are available to compliment the overall colors of your house and landscape. A good layer of mulch also reduces weed growth while protecting shallow root structures of new plants.