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decorative concrete

Decorative concrete

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With all the push for 'green' solutions to our everyday living, it only makes sense to use the concrete you already have in place instead of tearing everything out and starting over. With decorative concrete it's possible to get the look you desire, durability and low maintenance you need, and all at a lower cost than starting from scratch! Not only that, stamped and stained concrete is more durable than natural stone exterior treatments. Want to eliminate most of the allergens found inside your home? Remove the carpet and replace with a decorative concrete surface!



Acid stained concrete is the simplest way to beautify a patio, walkway, interior floor or any concrete surface. The variegated effects and random patterns are pleasing to the eye, and earth tones give a warm feel to interior or exterior spaces. While you're adding color, how about a scored pattern such as diamond, tile pattern, step outlines or other geometric patterns and shapes. Since acid staining is a chemical process, in order to yield the best results, some surfaces such as interior floors will need to be cleaned and possibly ground. We use only true reactive stains that actually change the color of the concrete and are UV stable vs. acrylic based products that are essentially paint and eventually will peel from sunlight and wear.


If your concrete surface is needing repair, whether pitted, stained or minor cracks, a skim coat is a great solution. This option is also perfect for hiding the differences in color between older concrete and newer concrete additions. The skim coat overlay can be applied as a colored material, or stained after application. Skim coats can also be scored with diamond, tile or random stone patterns.


A hand troweled overlay is a unique surface that gives the appearance of natural stone. This is the most popular overlay system due to the natural textures and detailed coloring techniques used in the process, as well as the ability to incorporate patterns such as travertine stone, slate, brick, tile, and even wood. It also is a cheaper and more durable product that will give you a premium look without flattening your wallet!


A stamped overlay is the application of material in 1/4" to 3/8" depth, which is then stamped to achieve a surface that mimics either flagstone, tile, or wood. The material itself can be colored, with highlight colors added afterwards to give contrasting grout lines, natural variegation, or a unique coloring of your own design (yes, I can make it red, white and blue!). Stamped overlays give a premium effect for a non-premium price!